The Bizarre Cave Of Athens

Davelis Cave Near Athens, Greece, is a place where visitors have reported numerous mysterious occurrences

The Bizarre Cave Of Athens

Penteli is the Greek mountain known for its ancient quarries and the crystalline structure and golden-hued tint of its marble that was used to construct the sacred temple of Parthenon as well as other monuments and is located just 40km north of Athens.

On the mountain’s south-west side there is the Davelis Cave, averaging a width of 45m and a height of 62m, it is a vast, mesmerizing, and steeply descending grotto. People visiting the cave have reported water dripping upwards, electronics going out of control, glowing orbs, ineffable creatures, spooky etchings, ghostly voices, remnants of satanic rituals, and more.

The Davelis Cave is indeed a place full of history and legends, it is known to have been a shrine back in the 5th Century for Pan, the goat-footed god of shepherds and orgies. Also, during the Middle Ages, Orthodox monks were flocking to Penteli for spiritual retreats or because they were religiously persecuted, that’s when it got the name “Cave of the Immaculate”, and two adjacent Byzantine chapels, of St Spyridon and St Nicholas, built directly into the cave’s entrance. It seems the cave got its present name in the 19th Century from notorious brigand Christos Natsios, aka Davelios, that used to squat in the cave with his gang.

Dimitrios Papanikolaou, emeritus professor at the Department of Dynamic, Tectonic and Applied Geology at the University of Athens says:

When Athens was at its peak, people devoted all their intellect to extracting the best marble in the world. Maybe some places have a distinct energy of their own: the energy of thousands of human beings that once lived and thrived here, but that’s just about it.”