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Brandy Jackson (26)
Environment protection – Dutch government aims to reduce flights

Hi, I'm Brandy. I'm a professional journalist, blogger, and an entrepreneur. I started contributing online back in 2010, and have co-started some popular blogs. I enjoy writing and discovering new trends that people will love.

[email protected] | +44 203 5146947

Brianna Coleman (31)
A possible treatment for depression – magic mushrooms

I'm a tech journalist contributing news stories since 2010. Aside from Broad Journal, I also publish news at Daily Mail and other non-profit blogs. Catch my news exclusives every Friday, here at the Broad Journal.

[email protected] | +44 203 5147176

Cameron Stevens (39)
France and Portugal affected by new wildfires

I'm Cameron, and I've been in the news business for over ten years. I received my degree of professional journalism from Cardiff University. Since 2015, I've contributed news online and was able to launch some start-ups. Catch my daily contents here at The Broad Journal.

[email protected] | +44 203 5148805

Eleanor Lawrence (26)
Morgan Stanley, Southwest, Tesla, Netflix & more are among the ones making the biggest moves on the stock premarket

I started working online back in 2014. I've been to a couple of news websites in the past. Aside from the Broad Journal, I contribute news in the Daily Mail and do co-write gigs in various news publications.

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