The Built of the Biggest Solar Plant In Germany Is Under Development

Solar developer EnBW is planning to build Germany’s biggest power plant without subsidies

The Built of the Biggest Solar Plant In Germany Is Under Development

The future plant will be built over 405 acres of land in Brandenburg, outside of Berlin. The estimate is that its power will feed wholesale markets with enough electricity for about 50,000 homes. EnBW also offered back in 2017 to build wind parks without any subsidies, when they took on the project of an offshore wind park in the North Sea, “He Dreiht”.

The company expects this project will put it on the map as Germany’s top league solar developers. This initiative comes after subsidies for solar power were cut earlier this decade. Moreover, building this project without subsidies conveys an important signal on the competitiveness of clean power.

This project will also help create an opportunity for commercial investors to seek power deals with industry and service companies, competing with fossil fuels, nuclear and wind power.

German authorities aim at encouraging renewable energy through the built of wind parks. Moreover, due to the fact that more and more wind parks are being constructed, the price of building them has gone considerably down, meaning they will make enough profit even without subsidies.

EnBW aims to add clean power assets to its coal, hydro, gas and nuclear plants and wishes to have a 40 percent share for the low carbon energy by 2020.