This aerial company will fulfill one of your childhood dreams

Vintage Aircraft flying experience

Are you one of those who dreamt of flying a vintage aircraft one day? Or, one of those adventurous souls who love exploring the skyline? Well, there is an aerial company in Duxford offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for adventure seekers aiming to fly one of the historical aircrafts such as the iconic Spitfires and Mustang.

Aerial Collective showcases a wide range of vintage aircraft with a mission of engulfing people’s senses as they soar through the clouds with the piece of history.

The company is supported by The Aircraft Restoration Company, the experts in the renovation and restoration of vintage aircraft. Regarding safety, the restoration company commits to maintaining excellent condition among these aircraft.

Aerial Collective’s e-commerce website offers readers a unique take on aerial photography, being first of its kind in the aircraft and leisure industry.

Two more vintage aircraft are coming to Aerial Collective’s line up; the Lizzie, a British army co-operation and liaison aircraft produced by the Westland Aircraft on June 1936 and the Blenheim or Bristol Blenheim which is a light bomber aircraft.

However, prices for these unique aircraft experience is no joke — services using the Spitfires 20min, 40min, and 2X2 seater cost for £2,750, £4,750, and £9,750 respectively.  Meanwhile, the Mustang’s 20min and 40min cost for £2,250 and £4,250. In a sense, its £2,000 pound per 20 min experience with these vintage aircraft.

If you want to try out this vintage aircraft, you must book in advance since services are limited.