Paris Opened Its First Floating Art Museum

The first floating Art Museum with free entry has recently opened in Paris

Paris Opened Its First Floating Art Museum

Fluctuart is an urban art center that opened in July and is causing quite a stir in the art community. It is housed by a three-storey, 11,000-square-foot building that sits on the Seine River. The building is located between the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

The museum’s mission is to connect street artists of all backgrounds while providing the space for them to showcase their street and graffiti art collections, popular artists such as Bansky and Shepard Fairey showcase their art to the world within the walls of Fluctuart. Plus, all year-round the museum also includes emerging artists in their permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Moreover, besides Fluctuart’s alternative style, visitors can also enjoy a low-key atmosphere, a bookstore, a space for cultural evens and workshops, seating, a pop-up bar, a boat rooftop bar and restaurant with a view of the Seine – having repurposed spray paint cans and skateboard decks serving as menus.

Jean-Louis Missika, the deputy mayor of Paris stated: “Urban art is alive, it inspires us, confronts us, stimulates us, unites us. It fits everywhere, on the walls of our cities, and today defies the waves, in the very heart of Paris.”