McDonald’s Is Bringing The Meatless Burger To Germany

The fast food company is closing in on getting fully on board with the new meatless burger trend

McDonald’s Is Bringing The Meatless Burger To Germany

The plant-based protein burger is trending fast since people are looking to eat healthier and reduce their environmental footprint. Plus, these new types of proteins are made to look and taste like meat in order to appeal to meat eaters as well as to vegans and vegetarians. That is why major fast-food chains and food makers are now focusing on adding the meatless burger to their menus.

Burger King started testing its signature Whopper burger back in April and is now planning to take it to its restaurants across the US. White Castle, Qdoba, Bareburger and others are also selling plant-based menu items. While McDonald’s has also been slowly adding meatless options to their menu, starting two years ago when they launched a McVegan burger in Finland and Sweden.

Nowadays, McDonald’s is selling a vegan burger in Germany which is one of its five biggest international markets. The meatless patty they are selling is called the Big Vegan TS and is made from Nestle’s Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger that they just launched last month. The burger is made with soy and wheat protein and uses beet, carrot, and bell pepper extracts to help create a meaty look and texture. Nestle also plans to bring a plant-based burger into the US under its Sweet Earth brand later this year.

However, it is not yet clear if McDonald’s will bring a vegan burger to the United States, a company representative stated that “markets decide what’s best for their customers.” If they will eventually decide to bring it to the US, they might go for a rebrand that makes the vegan-ness of the burger less prominent, like Burger King did with its Impossible Whopper, saying that it is designed to appeal to meat eaters who want to diversify their diets, rather than vegetarians or vegans.