Woman Harassed By Ex Who Worked For EE

Customer of EE, a British mobile network operator and internet service provider, was stalked by her ex-boyfriend who worked at the firm

Woman Harassed By Ex Who Worked For EE

A customer of EE, Francesca Bonafede, had her personal information breached and then was stalked by her ex-partner who worked at the firm in one of the EE’s High Street stores. She said her had her number was switched to a new handset, so all her calls and texts were accessed by a third-party. Which means they could also easily access other personal information, like her address, bank details, and a photocopy of her driver’s license.

She stated that in February of last year, her phone suddenly stopped working, then she contacted the mobile network operator and they said a new sim card was requested for her account and put into a new handset.

It seems EE initially failed to address the issue seriously or to apologise and she had to contact the police, then she took her story public on social media and the company responded. The company apologized and stated the employee no longer works for them. An EE spokesperson declared:

“This matter has been dealt with internally and the employee involved no longer works for us. While we worked quickly to protect Ms Bonafede, we have apologised to her for the distress caused, sharing with her the steps we took to investigate to reassure her that we acted immediately and took it extremely seriously.”

Ms Bonafede also stated her personal information was changed and fraudulent documentation in her name was sent to her ex’s address, she believes he did this in relation to official documents he was applying for.

She also stated that after she filed the complaint with EE, he started calling and texting her to convince her to drop the complaint, and even showed up unannounced with his friends at her new address. That was when she decided to go to the police and they eventually arrested him for harassment.