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Food Businesses Going Plastic-Free In The UK

Food Businesses Going Plastic-Free In The UK

Supermarket The Clean Kilo is Birmingham’s first plastic-free, zero-waste supermarket belonging to Tom Pell and Jeanette Wong who initially got the idea...

Apple Cuts its Sales Forecast Due to Slow iPhone Sales in China

On Wednesday Apple Inc. cut its sales outlook due to weaker demand in China causing all markets to take a plunge Apple Inc. cut its...
The Bizarre Cave Of Athens

The Bizarre Cave Of Athens

Penteli is the Greek mountain known for its ancient quarries and the crystalline structure and golden-hued tint of its marble that was used to...
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Jimmy Carter hospitalized with pelvic fracture after suffering second fall in two weeks

Former President Jimmy Carter is in the hospital again after falling and fracturing his pelvis Monday evening at his home in Plains,...
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Austria to offer €180 family allowance bonus

The money from the federal government aims at helping the country’s residents cope with the rising inflation rate, as well as counterbalance...